Where is Koa Ridge

Koa Ridge is located in Central O‘ahu – approximately 20 minutes from the two urban centers of Honolulu and Kapolei. The project is surrounded by the existing communities of Mililani, Pearl City, Waikele, and Waipahu. Koa Ridge is adjacent to the 200 acre Central O‘ahu Regional Park and is bordered by Ka Uka Boulevard and the H-2 Freeway and Kamehameha Highway.

How Many

How Many Homes are Planned at Koa Ridge?

Koa Ridge will add 3,500 new residential units.


When will homes be offered for sale?

The first homes in Koa Ridge are anticipated to be complete in the second half of 2020.  Sale releases will likely occur within one year prior to the delivery of the first homes. 


What will the pricing be for homes at Koa Ridge?

Castle & Cooke is currently in the early planning stages of the Koa Ridge community. At this time, there is no specific pricing information available. However, we are planning for a wide range of housing types in various price ranges just as we’ve historically done in our previous flagship community, Mililani Mauka.  

Affordable Housing

Will Koa Ridge offer affordable housing to local residents?

Yes, our land use approvals include a commitment from Castle & Cooke Homes that 30% of the homes built in Koa Ridge will meet specific City and County affordable housing criteria. The price of the homes and income qualifications are determined each year by the county.


Will there be a lottery for the homes?

We have not made that determination. In the past we have offered our new homes either by lottery or on a first come basis.  Also, we follow the County affordable and State condominium sales guidelines.


What types of homes will be released first and where will they be located?

The first homes will be available near the Koa Ridge Village Center and include single family and multi-family homes

Floor Plans

Do you have floor plans and/or models?

This information will be determined as each phase of the project is developed and is usually available about 6 months before the homes are completed.  Prospective buyers should register on the Web Advantage Program (WAP).  Model homes will be built by project type.

Senior Housing

Will there be senior housing?

Yes, senior housing is planned for Koa Ridge. Senior residences are planned for areas close to both the Village and healthcare uses for convenience.


Will sustainable practices be used at Koa Ridge?

Castle & Cooke is committed to responsible development as we make choices today that will affect many generations to come. Sustainability is key to the quality of like for our ‘keiki’.  The Koa Ridge community is designed to provide opportunities to walk and bicycle. Castle & Cooke will develop both site improvements and buildings using sustainable practices.

In order to accomplish a balance of these values, Koa Ridge will use principles of smart growth to guide development decisions.


What types of community amenities will there be at Koa Ridge?

The project will include a variety of amenities including parks, a community center, meeting facilities, over 7 miles of a Bike Pedway, in addition to an elementary school, churches, and community retail.


Will there be schools at Koa Ridge and when will the schools be built?

The school district will be determined by the Department of Education at the time of sales based on available existing school capacity in nearby schools. The likely school district will be Pearl City or Waipahu.  One elementary school will be built on the project site at a time determined by the Department of Education.

Non-Vehicle Path

Will there be pedestrian and bicycle paths at Koa Ridge?

Koa Ridge will be both bicycle and pedestrian friendly. The community plan includes a dedicated Bike Pedway separate from the roads.

Public Transportation

Will Koa Ridge be served by public transit?

Castle & Cooke will be working with the City & County of Honolulu to integrate its current and proposed transit system into the community.


What kind of commercial centers will be included in Koa Ridge?

Koa Ridge is much more than housing. A major amenity and employment center will be created with a mixed-use Village that will include retail, restaurants, services, and may also include a 150-room extended-stay hotel. The Koa Ridge Gateway includes a major commercial area that could include a big-box retailer, super market, drug store, retail shops and services, financial institutions, offices and restaurants.

Community involvement

Was the community involved in the planning of Koa Ridge?

Castle & Cooke knows that the success of Koa Ridge depends upon hearing from the people who have already chosen Central and Leeward O‘ahu as their home. Since 2003, community members and residents representing 45 community organizations from Central and Leeward O‘ahu participated in a series of planning workshops to formulate the preferred land use plan.


How many jobs will be created at Koa Ridge?

In addition to thousands of construction jobs, an estimated 2,300 jobs will be created by the Village Center, medical center and Gateway commercial developments.


What is the current status of the Koa Ridge?

Groundbreaking for Koa Ridge took place in November of 2017. We are currently in the mass-grading stage and we are continuing with the design of our sewer and drainage master plans, roadway master plan, and other governmental approvals required for the project. Home designs are currently in progress for the first single-family, row homes, affordable townhomes and mid-rise homes.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Let us know if you have any questions.  As this is a developing project, many detailed elements are being worked on.  However, it’s going to be a great place to live!

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