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Koa Ridge

Koa Ridge is a new planned community in Oahu that is developed bay Castle and Cooke Hawaii and it is planned to have approximately 3,500 homes.  Much anticipated Koa Ridge has been in the works for over 20 years.  First homeowners started moving in last year and every couple of months, a new phase is opening up for house lottery for a batch of houses. Multiple sections of community groups have participated in sharing their perspectives and ideas for the development of the community.  A community that has health in mind where more than 7 miles of walk-and-bike-way is planned.  An urban living with commercial area close by in a suburban setting.  Many have worked to create a place that is ideal as possible.  

Master Plan

The Koa Ridge community was well thought out from every possible aspect. The environment, its future residents, housing choices, lifestyle, affordable housing, open space, schools, amenities and more.


Wide range of residences to acoomodate varying lifestyles, including single-family detached, duplexes, townhouses, flats, and rentals.

The Village

Vibrant heart of Koa Ridge offering retail, dining, entertainment, services with greenery and some residences.

Light Industrial

Light Industrial uses complementing existing community businesses.

Bike Pedway

Over 7 miles of dedicated pathways for pedestrians and cyclists that is separated from the roads.

Medical Center

Medical Center site to be dedicated to and developed by the Wahiawa Hospital Association.

Community Center

A multi-purpose facility for the Koa Ridge community providing meeting spaces, recreational and health amenities.

Park & School

Koa Ridge will include a community park and a multitude of neighborhood parks.  An elementary school will be constructed by the State Department of Education.


Commercial uses such as a big box retailer, grocery store, drug store, restaurants, financial institutions, and more.


Condominium Townhome 

Walea means serenity.  Walea series of townhome is a brand new condominium that features 2 or 3 bedroom floor plans with floor plans that ranges from 991 to 1,557 square feet.  It will feature a open-concept modern style living area with modern kitchen design.

Pricing starts from the $660k.  Fee Simple.


Affordable Condominium Townhomes

Malina means calm.  Malina series of townhome is a brand new condominium that features 1, 2, or 3 bedroom floor plans with floor plans that ranges from 487 to 1,079 square feet. 

Pricing starts from the $380k.  Fee Simple.

Koa Ridge Recent Projects

Duplex Styled – Paired Homes


Paired Condominiums

Condominium TownHouses


Condominium Townhouses

Single Family Homes           


Detaches Single Family Homes


“It was great working with Jason to get our first home.  When Koa Ridge opens up, we want to move there because we want to live in the suburb and it’s closer to our jobs in town.”

Patrick Thomson

“Carl has been so helpful with finding the right home for us.  It’s been so hard to get our first home here on Oahu, but Carl helped us navigate all secure the house that we wanted.”

Jeff Ching

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